Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Recently I have been taking a break from the typical Hollywood films and instead been catching up on documentary films that have been recommended to me. My brother recently suggested that I watch this film, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, a documentary by Joe Cross. I’m still not quite sure what point my brother was trying to make by mentioning this film to me, maybe he just thinks I enjoy Wendy’s a bit to often.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead is the personal story of its creator, Joe Cross. Cross is an entrepreneur from Australia who also suffers from chronic urticaria an autoimmune disease which has no apparent cause. Determined to change his life for the better Cross left Australia and headed to the United States. He arrived here with a film crew and a dream.

Over the next several months Cross travelled across the country drinking nothing but juice. Real juice, not the store-bought, processed, sugar filled liquid you and I think of. He stopped frequently to stock up on fresh produce and introduce juice fast concept to anyone who would listen.

During his journey Cross meets Phil Staples, an overweight truck driver from Iowa. Staples oddly enough suffers from the same autoimmune disease that Cross does. Staples adopts the juicing lifestyle and with the help of Cross makes drastic changes in his life. By combining a juice fast with a bit of light exercise Staples looses over one hundred and fifty pounds and greatly reduces the amount of medication used to treat his chronic urticaria.

The real magic of this film is the interviews that make up the majority of the content. Simply put it is amazing to hear how Americans associate food with health. This country is literally eating itself to death and the worst part is people are fully aware of what they are doing but do nothing to stop it.

By the end of the film (approx. four months) Cross had lost nearly 100 pounds and his doctor had taken him off all of his prescription medications.


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