The Only Blog I REALLY Follow

I was thinking about blogs. More specifically, I was thinking that I don’t follow any blogs. Then I realized I’ve been following one for at least the last five years, I had just never thought of it as a blog. isn’t a blog in the typical sense. There are no words, only photos. The creator of this blog, Frank Warren, is simply a moderator. He very rarely posts text on this blog, and when he does its normally commentary relating to a post or promoting a Post Secret event.

Frank Warren is a genius. He has created the most visited advertisement free blog in the world. And it all began as a simple community art project.

Beginning in late 2004 Warren distributed these simple postcards. One side was blank. One side contained a short set of instructions inviting anyone to participate in a community art project. Individuals were urged to share a secret that they had never shared before. The results were astounding. Thousands of secrets poured in, spanning the gamut from silly to serious and from sad to scary.

The secrets collected were used by Warren to construct the website, which was updated every sunday. Every week a new theme was chosen by Warren and a new set of secrets were shared with the world. The site was so popular that in 2005 Warren published the first of five Post Secret books. Similar to the website the post secret book was simply a collection of secrets that had been anonymously mailed to 13345 Copper Ridge Rd.

Over the years has changed little. For a short period of time comments were allowed, but it was decided that allowing comments defeated the idea that secrets would be shared anonymously. Warren was concerned that fear of criticism would deter participants from being honest about the secrets that they shared. was created as a forum for discussion surrounding the website.


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