Past and Present

After writing my last post about The Graduate I began thinking about some of my other favorite movies. I ventured into my basement and began digging through my old laser disks, thats right laser disks, the big brother of your beloved DVD. I came up with several classics including Jurassic Park and Titanic. I also stumbled upon Memphis Belle.

The Memphis Belle was a B-17 bomber (aka Flying Fortress) that flew during WW2. The crew of this aircraft was the first to complete a tour of duty in the European theatre and return home to the United States. They were hailed as heros and their story served as inspiration for thousands of  American soldiers still fighting overseas.

In 1990 the story of the Memphis Belle was transformed into a full length feature film. While the film is mostly a fictional story based loosely in fact, it still tops my list of favorite movies.

This film is action, comedy, and romance all rolled into one. As the film progresses the audience feels as if they really get to know the crew-members of the Belle. Each character lets us in in their own special way and by the end of the film I can almost guarantee you will be cheering for your favorite character.





2 thoughts on “Past and Present

  1. brewreviewforyou says:

    Memphis Belle is one of my favorite movies! I actually had a lucky rubber band as on my wrist for about 3 years because of this movie.

  2. Kara Miller says:

    Great photos – and a like that you highlight a wide variety of movies. In the header at the top of the blog, can you be more specific that “the movies of life”? Is there a criteria for the movies that make it in?
    Also, I don’t see an “about” section.

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